Membership forms

Membership –How to join

Probationary Membership

Probationary membership period lasts 3 months /minimum 10 visits prior to acceptance as a full member and a period of instruction in firearms safety must also be undertaken.

Joining age is a minimum of 18 but 16 if a parent or guardian is also a member.

Full Membership

Membership fees:

Probationary membership fee = £50.00 (subject to change.)

Full Membership:

After the successful completion of the probationary period a one off joining fee of £25.00 plus remaining amount of years subscription

Thereafter the annual subscription will be £90.00 per year payable by the 1st of March (subject to change.)

There are no range fees but targets cost 50p/ bundle to cover cost of targets and frames.

Please fill in the form by clicking links below.  There are either two forms to use: a One Day Guest Form and  the Full Membership form. Please click on the appropriate link below which opens in a new window.  Print out complete and return to the club

Open Day Guest Form


Full Membership Form

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